We're here to help you grow

With over 70 years in the industry, you could say we have some experience!  Our company dates back to 1950 and we’ve seen a lot of changes during the years, from photographers to camera's, photography styles to products - we've seen it all.  Our longevity hinges on our ability to offer an innovative range that continues to evolve as time marches on, and the fact our products are made to the highest quality that will last the test of time.

Many people tend to think of print as a dying medium, and who can blame them considering the massive advancements in technology over the years?  Seems like the right way to go, right? We disagree. Print is an unmatchable experience, a physical product that’s been a crucial part of our lives for years and one that needs to continue.  Whether it be weddings, family portraits, newborn shoots or pets - these are all moments in time that should not only be captured but immortalised in print.  

Our mission is to help photographers grow their business and we do that by providing handmade custom photographic presentation products, products not available to the general public, as we wholesale directly to professional photographers only. 

Images below - Traditional Seldex album circa 1973.  Images supplied by Jessica Rohloff (her parents wedding album), Professional Photographer - Mark Keats.

We're often asked "Why Seldex?"

We’re here to stay and ready to go the long haul.

When selecting a business partner you need to ensure they have held a long reputation and commitment to the industry. We are the oldest continuing manufacturer of professional photographic presentation products in Australia. With over 60 years experience we continue to lead the way with an innovative and fresh range of handcrafted products.

We can be trusted

Our top priority is to supply a quality product each and every time.  All our products are handmade by fully qualified trades people in our Brunswick factory in Australia. Why is this so important? Because when something goes wrong, we will quickly and cost effectively be able to support you and get you back on track. Our employees understand the importance of creating products that are of consistent quality and delivered on time, every time.

We’re pretty much a one stop shop!

Many companies offer a limited range of products suited to their market niche; some may focus on albums , others on framing.  Our range includes albums, photographic prints, wall art, folio boxes, photo mounts, USB packaging, gift options and more.  We are sure to have a product in a style, colour, size and price point to meet virtually any of your requirements.

Your business is our priority

Let's face it anyone can sell you an album or a frame but are they committed to you and your business? At Seldex™ Artistic Albums you are our business – our business success depends on you and your business success, therefore we value your custom and treat every customer as a valued business partner.

It’s all very well for us to tell you this, but perhaps you’d like to read some of our customers say?