Colour Swatches

It's great to view swatches online but there's nothing better than your client having the opportunity to touch and feel the actual material.
 * Online Swatch colours should be used as a guide only and not indicative of final result.   Invest in our sample swatches so your client can see the real deal.

Please note - we buy only the finest leather hides, which we then selectively cut and process to enhance their inherent quality. Since leather is a natural material, the appearance of each album may show variation in texture, grain, range marking and density. Along with its durability and luxurious handling qualities, it is this individuality that gives leather its appeal – and distinguishes it from synthetic imitators.

Since man-made materials may also vary between production batches, products manufactured with cloth covers may vary slightly in colour and/or finish from the samples supplied in the swatch collections.