We offer sample swatches for all our album and folio covers. Swatches can be purchased as a full set in a Swatch box or individually per material range (eg: Premium Leather, Classic Leather, Asahi, Linen, Leatherette and Buckram).

Swatch Box Collection includes - 

  • your choice of swatch box cover with Seldex branding, or personalise the cover with your studio logo
  • full set of cover swatches including all material ranges
  • set of mats - including album mats and Frame Mounts
  • samples of matte and lustre paper
  • samples of album linings

Ribbon Swatches and Frame Corner samples can also be purchased separately.


Material Swatch Boxes have the Seldex logo on the lid and base of the box.  You can personalise the swatch box to feature your studio logo on the lid instead of ours.  To do this you need to download the Photoshop file below, add your logo to the lid, save as a jpeg file and upload it with your order.

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