USB Boxes are individual, handmade boxes for holding a single USB drive.

USB Boxes are available with 3 cover options:

  • Standard - black and white silk only (no studio logo embossing)
  • Cloth - your choice from our Asahi, Linen or Buckram range
  • Image - personalised image cover

Standard covers are the most economical choice with the covers being available in black and white silk only, although you cannot have these embossed with your studio logo.  

Cloth covers allow you to choose your cover from any of our Asahi, Linen or Buckram material ranges therefore allowing you to co-ordinate your USB Boxes with other products. Don't forget to brand your Cloth USB Boxes with your studio logo.

Image covers feature a personalised image cover of your design, tailored to suit your client.

Our USB Boxes are designed to suit universal USB Drives and have a recessed cushion with a band for keeping your USB drive in place.  You can also add an image on the inside of the cover for Cloth or Image covers.  This is perfect for those clients who come back often as the photo inside will remind them which session is on the USB Drive.